Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Harry Potter theme Wedding

When I was presented with the challenge to create a Harry Potter, Grecian style wedding, all I could think of was how to have candles suspended from the top of the tent. The flaming goblets were easy, but those darn suspended candles? The bride wanted it to look like the Great Hall in the movie. Tarnished silver platters and an abundance of food. I pondered my mechanics for a long time. One day when out Christmas shopping, I came across battery operated candles. My younger son said "well I guess you figured out how you are going to get the candles lit for the wedding." I looked at him and said "wow you are brilliant!" It didn't even dawn on me at first. They were suspended with fishing line at different lengths and came on automatically. It was time consuming to set up, but with a lot of help it was just perfect!

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