Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spa day at The Mansion

A relaxing get together can be arranged with all of our licensed professionals to create your Spa day party. The new trend is to relax with your bridal party, in lieu of a night at the bar. Manicures, pedicures, facials, full body message and chair messages can be scheduled for your gathering. I have infused this plan into spiritual retreats and milestone birthday parties with small groups. It's the best feeling to relax and reconnect with how truly special you are. You deserve it!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adding Family heirlooms

I always do my best, to encourage my clients to add family heirlooms and mementos into their special occasion. Placing well loved family objects around The Mansion makes it feel even more like your home. Family photo albums are always welcome. One client of mine shared several meaningful items when celebrating her wedding day. The cut glass cranberry vase in this photo was her Grandmothers. It was very sentimental to her. It also stated Grandma's spiritual presence on her wedding day. The Grand Foyer' was filled with the sent of Lilies as vows were exchanged.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Presentation of the rings

A variety of ring presentations are available to suit your style. It's easy to decide on what works for you, once you are clear on how this choice is significant in your relationship. Some couples choose to involve their family pet to deliver the rings secured to their collar. Others select elaborately decorated boxes or Grandmas old jewelry box. Crystal boxes are a popular choice too, but take into consideration the age and maturity of your ring bearer. Although the traditional pillow for the ring bearer is an option, I suggest to you to think of what you will use this item for later. In this photo the ring bearer carries an engraved, elegant silver box. It will be a resting place for two precious rings, for safekeeping together while the couple sleeps in bliss...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Celebration of Life

When I came up with this idea a couple of years ago, within one weeks time of the thought, a person contacted me to inquire about The Mansion, and if I could help her with a memorial service for her Mother. I spoke to the woman about my plan to offer the community a place to host their family to celebrate all their loved one's accomplishments. Not having to worry about all those details when in grief. I have held several Celebrations of Life since then.
My experience of the Celebration of life this past weekend, was truly heartfelt. Four beautiful daughters along with a lot of other family involvement commemorated their Mothers life with stories of childhood, prayer, beautifully selected music and poems from my favorite Kahlil Gibran's masterpiece "The Prophet". As I sat in the pale green room I could feel the beauty of this woman's spirit. Friends shared an introduction to Shamanism and welcomed anyone to join in with their feelings of gratitude. More memories were shared of two sisters and their last weeks together walking on the beach, picking up shells. A common thread of woven love was shared by many. Beautiful pale green glass vases, with starfish and seashells were candle lit centerpieces. They were crafted by the daughters and greeted everyone for a lovely meal.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Keep it a surprise.

Oh how I love those milestone birthdays parties. The challenging thing is that friends and family planning these, mostly surprise events, can't figure out how to keep it a surprise. As an Event Planner here is my best advise, or as some would like to call it "the tricks of the trade."
#1 Tell everyone you are inviting that it is a surprise. Also, keep from telling the younger children about the party at all. Even teens have a way of making the mistake of mentioning the party.
#2 Send the person being surprised an invitation to the party. Of course saying that the party is for someone else. (Remember to tell the someone else what you are doing.) That way the person being surprised won't be wondering why they are going to the location of their party. You can add to this diversion by asking them on the invitation to bring a baked good or a snack to share. Suggest going in on a restaurant gift certificate together. That way you can enjoy a little extra birthday celebrating, at another time when you are alone together.
#3 Never, never, never plan the surprise party even remotely close to the actual birthday party. I suggest it to be at least two months prior to, or if you're not worried about the possible after effects from "being forgotten", a month or so after.
#4 Lastly and most importantly, especially health wise, if you are surprising an older person, as you are walking to the door together, let them know how much you love them and tell them to hold their heart because they are walking into their surprise birthday party. SURPRISE! You pulled it off...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dressed for Valentine's Day

The staircase in The Mansion is dressed in red satin ribbon and laurel garland, all ready for a Valentine's Day bride. The unique balustrade, with each third spindle being different is significant to marriage. Being called a "wedding cake banister" their meanings are love, health and prosperity. A perfect start to a union of two people in love. Being open to the second floor of the home adds to the drama. As the long white train of the gown is captured by the perfect location for a photograph, good wishes and tears of joy abound. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Commemorated by a ring

I receive so many compliments on this ring. I actually chose this ring to commemorate the beginning of the my event planning career. The fleur de lis design standing for perfection, designed across the ring three times symbolizing for me, faith, hope and charity. It's been most interesting for me to see how different couples choose their rings and why. Some couples choose it for strength or a never ending circle. There's also "the bling" for glistening size and beauty. My most recent favorite, was a groom-to-be that designed a silver ring around a purple heart shape stone he had found. Purple is known to be a powerful color, when in deep meditation. It looked like a piece of rough amethyst, a stone that symbolizes protection. I hope this bride-to-be appreciates the deep feeling her man put into this ring to commemorate their engagement. It was just lovely!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Mansion welcomes winter sports

The snow has finally arrived in Maine encouraging the snowmobilers to create the gentle hum from the nearby trails. Dexter's ATV trails are known for being the longest in the country! With the nearby lake to add to the bliss, shanties in a multitude of styles and colors, are deeply involved in locating their best spot for ice fishing. Just ten minutes away from The Mansion, a full day or half day dog sled team awaits being booked for your Maine adventure. New cross-country ski trails have just been added as well. What fun abounds in this playground for winter enthusiasts everywhere!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Come home for a while

Our B&B guests are invited to spend some time with the family and watch a movie in the gathering room. Or you might want to slip off into the Library for a quiet read? Enjoy a game of billiards on the third floor or some air hockey for fun. Awake to the scrumptious breakfast of your choice, freshly prepared and served in the dining area, that intrigues you the most. We customize our time to suit your needs. Remember you can always grab coffee and wi fi in the grand foyer' if you're in a rush. Or possibly you could just linger a little longer in a nice soaking tub. We look forward to seeing you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

With Valentine's Day approaching and decorating on the top of my list for parties, I wanted to share a few good ideas. Red depression glass or cranberry glass as its known, is a wonderful way to create a focal point with or without flowers. By placing a small tea candle in the bottom of the red vase, the color is infused into the room in a very impressive way. I find random sizes for the vases adds interest. You can find these vessels in a Craft store or for the real deal, you will need to hunt in an antique store.

Dramatic effects

Prior to an event, one of my favorite things to do is to add ambiance to a room by putting a grouping of candles in the fireplace. Thats the safest place for a candle when you think of it. My special trick is to take a vintage or distressed mirror and add it in back of the grouping. The effect is elegant and unique. Most people don't expect to see a mirror in a fireplace. It also has a reflective value that doubles the light. I always receive compliments on this design. This is the perfect romantic setting, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gingerbread ruins

The holiday season decorations are officially being packed away for next year. This photo, marks the end of the 2011 holiday season. The remains of the Weasley style gingerbread house created by Liz Granite and her brother Gabe was fully enjoyed. Well almost... An amazing idea came to me when I noticed the same gingerbread house on sale at Sam's Club for $1.27 ( the freshness date was good for months)! How about a gingerbread sweet heart house for Valentine's Day? Children love to create them, just add a few red hearts and a fun begins. I also found it best to keep the house under a glass cake dome so it remains fresh until it's all gobbled up...
Happy building!