Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Keep it a surprise.

Oh how I love those milestone birthdays parties. The challenging thing is that friends and family planning these, mostly surprise events, can't figure out how to keep it a surprise. As an Event Planner here is my best advise, or as some would like to call it "the tricks of the trade."
#1 Tell everyone you are inviting that it is a surprise. Also, keep from telling the younger children about the party at all. Even teens have a way of making the mistake of mentioning the party.
#2 Send the person being surprised an invitation to the party. Of course saying that the party is for someone else. (Remember to tell the someone else what you are doing.) That way the person being surprised won't be wondering why they are going to the location of their party. You can add to this diversion by asking them on the invitation to bring a baked good or a snack to share. Suggest going in on a restaurant gift certificate together. That way you can enjoy a little extra birthday celebrating, at another time when you are alone together.
#3 Never, never, never plan the surprise party even remotely close to the actual birthday party. I suggest it to be at least two months prior to, or if you're not worried about the possible after effects from "being forgotten", a month or so after.
#4 Lastly and most importantly, especially health wise, if you are surprising an older person, as you are walking to the door together, let them know how much you love them and tell them to hold their heart because they are walking into their surprise birthday party. SURPRISE! You pulled it off...

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