Thursday, February 9, 2012

Commemorated by a ring

I receive so many compliments on this ring. I actually chose this ring to commemorate the beginning of the my event planning career. The fleur de lis design standing for perfection, designed across the ring three times symbolizing for me, faith, hope and charity. It's been most interesting for me to see how different couples choose their rings and why. Some couples choose it for strength or a never ending circle. There's also "the bling" for glistening size and beauty. My most recent favorite, was a groom-to-be that designed a silver ring around a purple heart shape stone he had found. Purple is known to be a powerful color, when in deep meditation. It looked like a piece of rough amethyst, a stone that symbolizes protection. I hope this bride-to-be appreciates the deep feeling her man put into this ring to commemorate their engagement. It was just lovely!

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