Sunday, March 29, 2009

Continuing the Climb.

Salutations! For the last three weeks I have faced a number of challenges that lead me to believe that the climb is a little more difficult than I had originally anticipated. I have put several things needing attention aside to get caught up on some paper work. I am very much relieved that it is all accomplished for now. 

I spoke to the health inspector three times last week, what a nice and helpful person! We have made plans to meet so we can go over exactly what will be needed in order for the Mansion to obtain its licenses. This time I am doing my homework! I finished reading a ream of food codes and feel very much that I am now aware of what it will take to get The Mansion up and running.

I am excited about my upcoming trip to L.A. to see Breaker live! Talk about rock n' roll culture, wow, this band will put a new branding on the meaning of it. The lead singer is a chip off the old block. I anticipate this to be the best show ever and I long for their new music to be released. Watching Liz Granite grow this band has been an incredible experience for me. I realize what tenacity it takes to do what she has achieved in just a few years. I derive pure motivation from her energy.

I am looking foward to returning with even more power to achieve what I have conceived: The Mansion Event Home! Cool, isn't it?

My thought for the day: Challenging situations can ultimately lead to huge accomplishments. It's all about how you face the challenge. Do you tend to let your dreams pass you by because the climb is too hard? Or do you embrace the challenges and rise to the occasion?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rock Me Gently.

The past two days have whizzed by at light speed, and I'm still spinning from all that has been accomplished. 

I experienced my second meeting with the the Comprehensive Planning Committee for Dexter and was invited by a lovely lady (from N.Y.) to join her at the Kiwanis meeting. The next morning at 6:00 a.m. I enjoyed breakfast with a group of faces known throughout the community for their visionary leadership. Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. "Wow", I thought "I'm in the right place!" Once again I feel blessed and guided to be able to support in an area that I value the most: Children! 

Many of the people that were at the meeting the night before were at the Kawanis meeting and I would like to acknowledge them. First off, Mark from The Brewster Inn. Arriving from England just a couple of years ago, this man has taken on Dexter fast and in a big way. Always upbeat, all inspiring and so welcoming to all. Thank you Mark for inviting me to be on the Comprehensive Planning Committee for Dexter. 

K, thank you for asking me to join Kiwanis, I look forward to being inducted to this wonderful group. 

As I left the Comprehensive Planning Committee board meeting the other night I had the opportunity to chat with the town manager and another lady that I have known since I moved here several years ago. We are so on the same page! We share many of the same hobbies: gardening, a love for the arts, and also the potential for growth and vision. She was
born in the Dexter area, then moved away, and has since returned. As we walked up the quiet snow filled street of Dexter, pumped up and excited, I laughingly said "we're gonna rock this town" She smiled broadly, took my arm and said "rock me gently". Thank you, I will remember those words.

All the skills that were taught to me in the PSI Women's Leadership class flashed before my eyes as I stood in the snow with my new friend. We said "good night" and I felt that peacful feeling as I remembered gently rocking to repell myself off the cliff that I had fearlessly leaned over of just one year prior.

My thought for the day: Though the climb may be steep and challanging, I find peace in my rock. What may seem to be insurmountable is accomplished easily and gently through peace and love. Where do you find your peace and what will it help you accomplish?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Living on the Edge!

Exciting news! I have been asked to join the Comprehensive Planning Committee in Dexter. This group of visionary leaders will be responsible formulating a plan for the development and revitalization of Dexter for the next ten years.

There are times when I feel as though I am leaning over the edge and pushing just a little too far. It might be family issues, feelings with friends, or the overwhelming scope of what I am envisioning to accomplish in the quiet town of Dexter. 

When pondering my life on the edge, whatever it is I am going through, I remember my mantra as I stood on my tip toes leaning over a very real edge: "I trust myself!" So this is me! Up front and real. I like to go a little too deep and blaze a trail where no one ever dared to walk. Fear has a way of intimidating us to set limits or boundaries. My answer to that thought is that we are the only ones that set boundaries, and we often choose to set them on our potential. It is all a choice; and we can choose to be guided by whatever it is that is important to us, or we can choose to be guided by fear.

As I have always said, "when in doubt, be bold and brazen". Yes, this is me hanging over the edge of what's said to be a 200 foot cliff. I think of several things when I look at this photo. I remember that I felt quiet, calm, and relaxed doing an event that most people were fearful of. I remember that I trusted the man holding the harness, and most of all I remember that I trusted myself.

My thought for the day: In trusting myself to forge ahead, I will help others to walk their path with greater ease. How do you feel when you trust yourself and face your fears?