Monday, March 2, 2009

Living on the Edge!

Exciting news! I have been asked to join the Comprehensive Planning Committee in Dexter. This group of visionary leaders will be responsible formulating a plan for the development and revitalization of Dexter for the next ten years.

There are times when I feel as though I am leaning over the edge and pushing just a little too far. It might be family issues, feelings with friends, or the overwhelming scope of what I am envisioning to accomplish in the quiet town of Dexter. 

When pondering my life on the edge, whatever it is I am going through, I remember my mantra as I stood on my tip toes leaning over a very real edge: "I trust myself!" So this is me! Up front and real. I like to go a little too deep and blaze a trail where no one ever dared to walk. Fear has a way of intimidating us to set limits or boundaries. My answer to that thought is that we are the only ones that set boundaries, and we often choose to set them on our potential. It is all a choice; and we can choose to be guided by whatever it is that is important to us, or we can choose to be guided by fear.

As I have always said, "when in doubt, be bold and brazen". Yes, this is me hanging over the edge of what's said to be a 200 foot cliff. I think of several things when I look at this photo. I remember that I felt quiet, calm, and relaxed doing an event that most people were fearful of. I remember that I trusted the man holding the harness, and most of all I remember that I trusted myself.

My thought for the day: In trusting myself to forge ahead, I will help others to walk their path with greater ease. How do you feel when you trust yourself and face your fears?

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