Sunday, March 29, 2009

Continuing the Climb.

Salutations! For the last three weeks I have faced a number of challenges that lead me to believe that the climb is a little more difficult than I had originally anticipated. I have put several things needing attention aside to get caught up on some paper work. I am very much relieved that it is all accomplished for now. 

I spoke to the health inspector three times last week, what a nice and helpful person! We have made plans to meet so we can go over exactly what will be needed in order for the Mansion to obtain its licenses. This time I am doing my homework! I finished reading a ream of food codes and feel very much that I am now aware of what it will take to get The Mansion up and running.

I am excited about my upcoming trip to L.A. to see Breaker live! Talk about rock n' roll culture, wow, this band will put a new branding on the meaning of it. The lead singer is a chip off the old block. I anticipate this to be the best show ever and I long for their new music to be released. Watching Liz Granite grow this band has been an incredible experience for me. I realize what tenacity it takes to do what she has achieved in just a few years. I derive pure motivation from her energy.

I am looking foward to returning with even more power to achieve what I have conceived: The Mansion Event Home! Cool, isn't it?

My thought for the day: Challenging situations can ultimately lead to huge accomplishments. It's all about how you face the challenge. Do you tend to let your dreams pass you by because the climb is too hard? Or do you embrace the challenges and rise to the occasion?

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