Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let the garden remind you

As spring begins in Maine, also known as mud season, I look forward to my garden awakening. For me, many of the flowers and plants in my garden were planted for a special reason, to mark an event in time. A beautiful show of white Lilies from my sister for Mother's day, Sarah Burnheart Peonies from my Grandmothers house, double flower Tiger Lilies from my best friend, as an anniversary present. The list goes on and on. Gardens have a way of reminding us long after the event is over. Why not plan to purchase perennial flowers instead of a center piece that will fade in a few days. You can do this at your next event and plant them after the party is over. Next year they will bloom again bigger and better. Give the bride and groom a tree as a gift. How unique! One couple that was married at The Mansion two years ago, gave mini pine saplings as a favor. The trees are now foot tall in my garden. One of my favorite ideas for wedding favors are seed packets. Flowers have meanings behind them and many times they can relate to the feeling that the event will evoke. Rosemary for remembrance, Bay Laurel for victory, red roses for love.
Let the garden remind you. That way you'll never forget.

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