Monday, March 5, 2012

Vow's! Be in the moment

So you are at the point in planning your wedding and everything is in place. Do you feel like you might be forgetting something? This is one thing that I find so many couples delay in doing. What about your vow's? I am expressing this to you because, this is the most important moment of the whole day. Have a conversation together about what you want this moment to signify. Is it your past high school romance that is now turning into a promise of marriage? Is it a request of love and respect for each other? A pledge to be truthful and work with each other, in this life you will share as one. Marriage is a covenant in my opinion. Now is the time to speak all the dreams that you will plan to live by together. Yes its true, you can let the Minister do all the work, read the vow's and accept the standard I do's. Ask yourself and your partner, is that what we want? Or, do we want to create promises, share visions and evoke the feeling of love? This is a very personal choice. My best advise to you, is to feel the love and to be in the moment.

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